Focal Point Landscaping Inc. is a full service landscape company taking care of a wide variety of outdoor needs.

FPL has a full time Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, specializing in residential design. Landscape Architecture is the highest level of education in the landscape industry. The BLA Degree is a five year degree that was obtained at Texas Tech University . This degree allows for an understanding of a wide variety of factors that affect a landscape. Factors that FPL takes into consideration include sun vs. shade, drainage, function, suitability, feasibility, cost, the environment, noise, plants that are already existing and plants that do not currently exist, clients needs, and long term goals. With all factors in mind, FPL's designers develop a plan that will best suit the client's needs esthetically and functionally.

From consultation to construction FPL promises to have a professional landscape designer on site. This luxury allows for a customer-friendly experience that leaves no questions un-answered.